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In this post, we revisit RM Printable Terrain as they make their final push on Kickstarter for Arvalon 8. For those who don’t know, Arvalon 8 is a Kickstarter campaign for new 3D printable terrain, miniatures, and models. Overall, the designs that RM Printable Terrain is showing look pretty good and have us wishing that we owned a 3D Printer. For those that don’t know, the Arvalon 8 Kickstarter project aims to raise money to develop STL files (3D Printer Files) for gaming. These files include Sci-Fi Terrain, Space Ships and Miniatures. RM Printable Terrain sized these items so they will fit in with Warhammer 40K, but really, you could size them to anything.

Arvalon 8

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Crag Gold Star. 8. Alva Hamner. Grey Curvey. 9.

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Arvalon 8

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Arvalon 8

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Arvalon 8

RM Printable Terrain. 337 visningar · 7 juni 2020 Arvalon 8 contest time! We want you to be on of the first to get our two new space ships!
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Arvalon 8

The folks at RM Printable Terrain are Kickstarting 3D Printer Terrain, Miniatures and Space Ships.

A dessert planet located in the outer territories, Arvalon 8 is home to some of the most notorious criminals as the law doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it needs to. Take cover in multi-story buildings, or behind all manner of crates, barricades, and natural obstacles.
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Brave Frosted Miracle. David Frost - Sheltons Sunny Guy | rskäck | sto | 2005 | Agnieszka Peret | Mia Bråve. Ponies.